Red Right Hand

by Man Trouble

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Man Trouble is: Jess Baggia, Gordon Carlson, Tom Maroon & Nick Zampiello


released April 18, 2015

Written by Jess Baggia
Produced by Nick Zampiello
Mastered by Nick Zampiello of New Alliance East
Artwork by Alvan Long
Performed by Jess Baggia, Ken Budka, Paul Ortolano & Stephen Clements


all rights reserved



Man Trouble Boston, Massachusetts

March 2015 marked the debut of Man Trouble (formerly known as Red Right Hand). Straddling the line between accessible pop and garage rock, Man Trouble is one part Pj Harvey, one part the Kills, and all rock and roll.

-Jess Baggia
-Gordon Carlson
-Tom Maroon
-Nick Zampiello
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Track Name: Black Pill
In the cold shackles of unsaid these things. What's the trouble? Where's your ring? I can do most of anything. What's the trouble? Tell me your needs. I'll have the dream 'til you tell me it's gone. Can't deny how you turn me on. I could meet the sky 'til you tell me it's wrong What's the trouble? What's the harm? I swallowed a black pill and now I'm dying. This is post-war baby, but I'm still crying. I tried to be somebody who you could rely on. Oh look I lost my fire. I could make you happy just hand over your gun. I'm your trouble, but I'm the one. I could be the woman that you wanted to love. I'm your trouble but I'm undone.
Track Name: Fever
It's OK, run along home. Your mind is running with you. Down my skin, fingertips, just the way I wanted them to. It's OK, I'm fine here. Take the time to keep you in mind. Up against the counter, blowing my mind, I remember. You are my fever and I guess you feel that too. Maybe one day we'll leave here but I'm not asking you. I'm not lying, I'll sing you a song. It will go the way that we want. The thing is, like the first kiss, I'm not content with only the one. It's OK, run along home. I know I'll see you again. In the mean time, when I'm not fine, I still contend it's better than pretend.
Track Name: Going Crazy
But I'll never be the same again. Lost the feeling in my toes and I'm so cold; so cold. I woke up from a fantasy and I stumbled to the porch in my bare feet to feel; to feel anything. If I choose to go, I'm going crazy. I'm going plainly. I'm going to save me. But I'll never be the same again. I've got bruises on my knees and I heady wish caught in my throat. The inside of my mouth is dull and this is not the sound of a cleaner soul. I'm so cold; I'm so cold and you'll never know.
Track Name: Bird On the Wire
The first thing I notice when you walk in my life: Everything's clearer and dialed in so bright. An absence of echo and an increase in light. A focus in general and a smile I can't fight. If I'm the outside, you're caged from the flight. A bird on the wire with no balance in sight. I could be the best kind of answer for the rest of your life. I'm on the outside but I promise I'll fight. I could be yours. You could be mine. How did I do it? I walked past your walls like there was nothing hard to it, like you never were scarred. And everything I used to fear, I simply don't heed. A flip of a switch and I started to breathe.
Track Name: Cards
Cry for my mercy, you know. I don't want your feedback on me. This is me understanding, so give me your sympathy. I don't know why but I really don't give a damn. You were the transient one. She was really good to you but running is a learned behavior. You might as well go. I don't know why, but I really don't give a damn. Cards on the table, player, asking you not to waver. This is me not debating. We'll talk about the details later. I don't know why, but I really don't give a damn. What is the bet? I said I would call, but not for your debt. It's not a game, no, it's not a game.
Track Name: Get Back
I know it was a long evolution. I know it felt like sun burst gold. You wrote to tell me of your devotion. I'm not at home, leave it in your pocket. In light of the old conversation, we fight to expose the bone. You're right, there's an empty space looming; just keep on moving and you'll never doubt me. I love you so much, I don't want to leave. Give me your rope; the card up your sleeve. You and I know, I'll tell you I need, need to believe. So give me your rope. I want to get back quick, back to it. I want to find a way to anticipate before the dawn of realization's here. I want to get back quick, back to it.
Track Name: Come On
I want to tell you that you talk me to death, but my brain is getting sticky in your consonants. I want to tell you how you rattle my chain, but there's something ringing and I'm deaf again. Come on, it's not enough. It seems to me we are the perfect cliche: Two struggling musicians with bills to pay. I love your music and the way that you sing, but there's something in that familiar ring. Come on, it's not enough. You're my sugar, taste so nice. On and on, but I don't get wise. Baby what you do to me is so strong. It takes me on.
Track Name: Tommy
Tommy, Tommy, looks like probably, tonight is the last night that we'll say goodbye. So I saddle my horses, leave you to your conscience; quit trying to remember the look in your eyes. When my thick skin is broken 'cause somehow I let you in to the cracks in my foundation that I never maintained. Tommy, Tommy, looks like you're on to me. Wild-eyed and reckless; you knew the signs when we burned like timber, held me like silver to light up the ending when I come back again. You are not my friend. So how could you be mine? How could you be all that I am and still nothing at all?
Track Name: Magic
Glue is sticky, will it fix me? Paper patches up the holes. Darning needles, damn I feel it. Count ten seconds, then let go. You make me believe. I don't even breathe. I can't recall falling asleep. You make me believe. I don't even breathe at all. Paris plaster will set faster; broken spirit, broken bones. 19 stitches, each one a wish, for a day I must let go. You make me believe. I don't even breathe. I can't recall falling asleep. You make me believe. I don't even breathe. Now I'm on the floor asking for more. This could be, this could be, this could be magic to me. Close my eyes, close my eyes, close my eyes; now you have found me. You came through, oh you came through, and made me believe we could be happy. This could be, this could be, this could be magic to me.
Track Name: Version
12/26 cue your story of woe. You told all the sparrows, you told all the crows. You had a message to spread and boy you broadcast so well. It was a version of you, it was your version to tell. There were arrows and fire, an unforgivable deed. It was a version of you, it was a version of me. Round and around, you always know how to win and if you tell enough lies, you're bound to start believing. You are a victim of cunning and you know how to bleed. It was a version of you, it was a version of me. Can you see if the mirror the villain you breed? It was a version of you, it was a version of me. It was a version of me, it was a version of you. It was a story to tell and I bet you think it's true. It was a version of you, a version of me, it was...

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